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The Fact That Tens Of Thousands Containers Are Running On The Road Is Quality Of Osho's Workman Ship.

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Electrtic Vehicles

Our containers seamlessly integrate with electric vehicles, offering businesses a versatile mobile workspace for diverse needs, from food service to mobile offices.

Refrigerated Container Body

Our refrigerated containers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, offering a convenient solution for transporting milk and other dairy products.

Highway Dress Shop

We are experts in creating custom containers made especially for clothing stores, making sure they meet our clients' particular needs.

About Us

Crafting Containers, Shaping Futures: Our Journey.

Who We Are ?

OSHO BODY BUILDERS is a leading commercial vehicle container manufacturer in Tamil Nadu, producing over 850+ high-quality containers yearly. With a legacy of excellence, we prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction. Our range includes Dry containers and refrigerated units, designed for peak performance and durability. Our journey is enriched by diverse ventures, including:

  • Courier & Package Delivery
  • Milk Distribution
  • Textile Industry
  • Hotel & Bakery Usages
  • Logistic Purposes

Services We Provided

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Dry Container

Our dry containers are built to securely transport a wide range of goods at normal room temperature. From electronics to textiles, our dry containers provide reliable protection against moisture and external elements.

MS PUF Container

Designed with advanced insulation, our MS PUF containers offer cooling capabilities ranging from 6-8 hours. Perfect for transporting vegetables, or other sensitive items, our containers ensure that remain fresh and preserved.

Fibre PUF Container

Versatile, temperature-controlled solutions for transporting milk, frozen meat, fish, and more. Hygienic design and durable build ensure reliable freshness. Elevate your logistics with Osho's Fibre PUF containers.

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Above 10 ft, the rate is Rs.12500 per feet*

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